Thursday, May 17, 2018

Snake gourd crispy

Snake gourd
Ginger garlic paste ( u can also avoid garlic and   make this)
Corn flour as required
Chilly powder
Orange red colour a pinch
Oil for frying

(( Ingredients to be adjusted according to the quality u r making ))

Cut snake gourd ,to thin 2" pieces.
Spread in a paper or a clean towel  for 2 min .
Then transfer it to a bowl.
Add ginger garlic paste.gently mix.
Then add chilly powder, salt, colour.
Add corn flour as required.
Gently mix, adding very little water as required.( Snake gourd should get fully coated with this masala.)
Keep oil in a pan.
When the oil is hot ,reduce the flame.
Drop this in a sprinkled manner( same like do for onion pakoda.)
Fry till the colour changes,and crisp.
Remove and spread in an absorbent paper.
Tasty and crispy snake gourd pakoda is ready.

BABY CORN FRY.  Method and ingredients same .
( Only u have to cut the baby corn to a small buttons size.)
It should not be very thin or too thick.
Crisp when  hot .


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